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Jun 01, 2020 · Check file is exist or not using PowerShell: To check a file is exist or not we need to use “Test-Path” cmdlets. Test-Path 'C:\NewFolderForPowerShell\New File.txt' In the OutPut, we can able to see “True”. Retrieve content from a file using PowerShell: For retrieving the content from a list “Get-Content” cmdlets is used. A Virtual Folder doesn't exist on the file system. Windows Explorer uses this concept to show a tree of folders that users can navigate (like "My Documents"). If you like to see the Path for this special folders run this command : [environment+specialfolder]::GetNames([environment+specialfolder]...Nov 10, 2012 · PowerShell is a great way to automate almost anything in Windows. However, its not just a scripting language. If you find yourself using it as a command line shell it may be useful to store your functions and customizations in a profile that gets loaded every time you load the Console.